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Communism/socialism is cancer

(this text was originally written as a comment for this video)

I’m glad I was born and grew up in socialist Czechoslovakia and not in socialist Romania. Romanians had it much worse in there, imho partially thanks to Ceaușescu’s policy to breed Romanians like rabbits so his nation would be much bigger (in his mind, more people automatically meant more prosperity and more power…he was an idiot).

I remember when we went to vacation to Romania during communist era. There were lots and lots of poor Romanians waiting around the train tracks, begging for food and candies from tourists from the passing trains. Especially kids from huge amount of “orphanages” that were in Romania at that time. (did Vee made video about this already?)

My dad knew about this so he bought lots of bonbons and candies in advance so we could throw them from the train window to the poor kids. There wasn’t much else you could do to help them. I remember how it seemed very funny to me how the Romanian kids were running along the train, screaming, begging. I was laughing, I didn’t understand what it all meant. NOW I understand why my behaviour made my dad angry but I was stupid little kid 35 years ago. I’m ashamed by it to this day. But what I want to say – this is what socialism and so called “social engineering” brought to people. Absolute misery. Poverty. No motivation to do anything. Insane social experiments with people.

Czechoslovakia was much better at that time BTW. I think it was partially because of our homogenity – basically only well educated Czechs+Slovaks were here so we kept it together much better than multinational / multi-ethnical countries like Yugoslavia or USSR (and partially Romania). Everybody were bitching about everything here even then…you just had to be very carefull to not say certain things publicly or in front of zealous Party member.

But even though we had it much better than people in USSR, Romania etc. and Czechs are very nice people under the bitching surface, it was still shit. My uncle spent a year in prison as a political prisoner basically just for behaving like decent human being on one occassion. My dad was interrogated by STB (something like Czech version of KGB) and I think they didn’t beat the shit out of him only thanks to his very friendly character. My other uncle was almost killed by submachine gun when he was running over the border to Austria from our beautifull socialist paradise (he survived it, got away and later built big business in USA).

These are also good examples of what the leftitst will bring to you if we let them continue in the current trend. If you think that smart, hard-working, well educated people will still prosper in communist/socialist state, you’re wrong. Look at eastern Germans – they’re basically the same people as western Germans but their country was also shit under the communist rule.

Under communists, people will get generally depressed. Lots of them will also utilize the system to anonymously report people to the (political) state police – people that are better and more succesfull than them or that stand in their way. Socialism/communism always worked and always will work ONLY on paper. In the real world, it turns people either into amoral beasts or into demotivated people that will do only what they absolutely have to and then run away from this “utopia” the minute they can.

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