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Switzerland joins the circus

So – people in Switzerland accepted European Union gun controls Sunday by a two-thirds margin. This means limiting ownership of legal defense means while not affecting ownership of illegal weapons by criminals, that is used for majority of crimes and terror. This also lowers options how you can protect yourself from the criminals and from the state when it goes fully authoritarian.

Article from Breitbart.

So…even you, Switzerland? It almost seems like they’re really putting something in the water 🙁 The (western) world is going completely cuckoo, it’s epidemic of suicidal behavior.

I remember one short story from Jack Williamson about future in which advanced robots wanted to turn lives of everybody into total “utopia”.

The robots took care of EVERYTHING for you, completely removing any responsibility or any option to do any activity that could endanger anyone – yourself included. Together with it, they actively suppressed any free will, which was disruptive to their idea of “utopia”.

When people started to commit suicides because the utopia prison took away any meaning or happiness from their lives, the robots solved it as anyone who “knows better” what’s good for you – they confiscated anything that could be used as a weapon from the people, kitchen knives included ;-). You won’t commit any suicide you fool! Enjoy our paradise now!

Some people tried to resist the “Great Good”. They wanted their freedom back. But the robots were already everywhere, controlling everything. All of the rebels were lobotomized. Nothing could stay in the way of the steam engine of Great Good, not even people. You just need to become drooling lobotomized idiot to enjoy the utopia.

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