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Weird behavior of YouTube’s “unsubscribe”

Very interesting thing is happening to my YouTube subscriptions. I’m moving to bitChute as much as I can so I recently unsubscribed from lots of channels on YT which I follow on bitChute now. Everything went well and peachy (I’m saying this so it’s very clear that the “Unsubscribe” function works normally).

During the process, I decided to also unsubscribe from Tenacious D – I like these guys but unfortunately, they joined “libtard wagon of irrational hate” and my subscription feed is overfilled with songs about evil racist kukluxklan’s “Donald jr.” etc. I’m SO FULL of this constant absurd stream of hate that I decide I’ll unsubscribe from them for now.

Aaaand – I can’t. I literally can’t unsubscribe from them.

I just can’t find a way how to unsubscribe from this channel that just happens to absolutely hate Trump and everything even remotely connected to him. When I click Unsubscribe button, their videos are still in the feed. Reminders – all other unsubscribes worked perfectly just minutes before and after this!

Nothing helped – cache deleting, repeated attempts to subscribe and unsubscribe etc. Funny thing – even the Hide function doesn’t work for their videos, I just CAN’T REMOVE IT FROM MY FEED IN ANY WAY. Nice :-).

On the other hand – to unsubscribe form the channels that perform “wrongthink” is so easy that it sometimes happens even if you don’t do anything :-)) Notifications often don’t work for them. They never appear on Trending or even in your Home section. Hmmm…

Interesting that these “technical problems” ALWAYS happen in very specific way, isn’t it? What a coincidence! :-)))

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