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Great Internet Migration

Something very bad is happening with freedom of speech in the whole western world. More and more of our liberties are taken away in perfect example of “salami tactics”. Slice after slice, free thinking people are removed from public space by falsified search results, corrupted “alghoritms”, shadow banning etc. If this doesn’t help and people still tries to listen what the free thinkers are saying, it continues with personal attacks, public defamation, threatening of their families etc. Their financial income is ruined and their words completely twisted by media when they are finally banned from digital world and can’t defend themselves anymore . Only people presenting specifically twisted picture of the reality are left alone. Or even promoted by establishment.

This problem is most obvious in big corporations, that function like a small state in state, full of people totally disconnected from the real world. Especially if the corporation is based in the “Insane state” – California. More and more people see this. More and more of us are affected by this dangerous corrosion of democracy and freedom. People who thought “yeah, they took down this person, but he was very controversial. I’m safe!” are later punished the same way for simple joke or forbiden word and they feel surprised and betrayed. How could this happen to THEM when they were the ones who brought people to these platforms? Don’t wait for this, be smarter then them and act in advance.

You still have a chance to fight it – new platforms are emerging. Minds, GAB, bitChute and many others. Places that are built differently so the long, bloody claws of corporate sociopaths and government robots can’t reach you so easily. If you are smart, you’ll move to them NOW. Don’t wait until they’ll shadow ban you or completely block you too. Move now, while you can still funnel your followers and friends to the new platforms. You don’t want to lose the people you were putting together for years by simple click of some corporate drone.  When the modern progressive gestapo blocks you, you’re already too late.

Following list is the list of interesting YouTube channels that are in the highest danger in my opinion. Most of them were already prosecuted in some way for “wrongthink”. You can find links to their channels in current crooked services in one column and the modern, free replacements in the other one.

Let’s start the GREAT INTERNET MIGRATION. It’s still in our hands. Fight!


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