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Censorship is on the rise yet again, this time mostly in western countries which – ironically – were the biggest and most successful advocate of freedom of expression in the past.

The current largest social networks and services were made by their users – by the dedicated creators that brought the content, people, money etc. But now Facebook, Patreon, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and many other corporate entities are betraying their users and creators that gave them everything. They punish anyone who doesn’t present the reality in exactly one single way.

Good thing – alternative channels are coming.

If your favorite creator is in danger of censorship but didn’t create backup account on the new networks yet, kindly suggest to them to do it. Because when the censor’s axe finally fall on their neck, it will be too late to effectively funnel users to a new, more indepentent and free place. It’s better to make the preventive steps when you still can.

If you find any mistake in the INTERNET MIGRATION table, please let others know in the comments bellow.

Thank you and stay strong!

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