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Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.


Freedom of speech is the single most important right in any modern, fair, prosperous and happy society.

It isn’t “one of the most important rights”, it’s the most important one. Period. Without the freedom of speech, you can’t name and discuss things that can harm democracy, freedom, your country, people around you. You can’t critisize people or policies that are dangerous.

You can be wrong in your expressed theories or estimates – but that’s EXACTLY why it is so important to discuss them openly. Talk about it freely, put all the ideas on the table and let everybody decide what makes sense and what’s wrong. When a small group of authoritarians decide that only THEM should have the right to decide what’s wrong and what’s right and they take this right away from everybody except them, you know the system is broken. During the whole human history, there wasn’t any single time when censorship and oppression of people with different opinions brought anything good. It always ended badly.

Of course the authoritarians will always come up with some fancy buzz words to push their censorship agenda. In the communist era, it was terms like “subversion of (our beautiful) socialist state” or “class struggle against evil bourgeoisie” and “protection from imperialist spies”. Today, we have “hate speech”, “islamophobes”, “russian trolls”, distorted use of words “racist”, “nazi” etc. etc. The censoring authoritarians ALWAYS present their oppressive steps as a fight for better society and necessary steps for the “Truth and Love”. Just think about it – how effective it would be if they would honestly say “we censor you so you won’t threaten our power over you”? Of course they’ll use any words that will cover their true intentions with golden facade. They are at least as smart as you, never forget that. Be vigilant – always.

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Thank you and stay beautiful!

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